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 Sam Page
Michelle Henley

3yr Key Worker

Amber Watson

3yr Key Worker


Rachael Lukacs

Olivia Kirkby 
 Samantha Page

Office Manager 

Rachael joined our team as an admin temp in October 2019.


Her skills, knowledge of the EYFS, funding and The Early Years Sector is extensive and we were thrilled to welcome her to our Pre-school Team on an official basis in January 2020. 

Rachael works part time and is the first line of communication within our setting.

Rachael has worked in The Early Years Sector since 2008, starting her career as a qualified Level 3 Practitioner she has worked in multiple Early Years settings in various key roles.


Rachael's early years experience is vast from a practitioner to senior leadership roles.

Rachael led a team of 15 staff and 60 children when she was a Manager for a large day nursery from 2013 - 2018.

Rachael left this busy role to dedicate more time to her family, with her child now older Rachael has returned to the sector and we feel very fortunate to have an office manager with such expertise and experience. 

Rachael supports our whole team practice and upholds our ethos. She ensures our office, admin and organisation is child focused, in line with with statutory and government requirements and that our setting, staff and children have all they need. 


Level 3 Diploma in working with Children and Young People




Olivia has been part of our

Pre-school team since 2014. Before becoming the setting Manager in 2017 Olivia worked with us as a Special Educational Needs advisor, specialising in child development, behaviour and curriculum adaption.

Olivia has worked with all ages groups in many roles, she has extensive experience of working with children in Early Years settings, Primary, Secondary, mainstream and special schools. Olivia has passion and drive to provide and prepare children with the best start in their education journey. Olivia supports, motivates and montior's each aspect of our staff development, deployment and practice and has a passion for identifying needs and implementing early intervention.

Olivia has a dynamic vision of how our setting can grow and develop in the coming years and believes passionately in supporting the individual talents and capabilities of each child and challenges the Team on a daily basis to find ways to bring these to the fore . Olivia is our Designated Safeguard Lead, she is also our Nominated individual and takes lead in liasing with Ofsted, Key Professionals and relevant agencies. Olivia is also one of our charity trustee's and is an integral part of planning and monitoring each aspect of our Preschool 

Our Manager Olivia is also our settings Family Support Co-ordinator and supports parents with any and all concerns.   



Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement 

BA(Hons) Childhood Studies.

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and

Social Care and Children and Young People's Services


Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning Support.


Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education

Deputy Manager


Health & Safety Officer


Level 3 NVQ in Children’s Care Learning and Development

Currently Studying:

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and

Social Care and Children and Young People's Services

Samantha has been with our Preschool since 2014.​

Her knowledge of child development and nurturing provision ensures a smooth transition into preschool and then to primary school.

 Samantha works closely with parents to ensure routines and special measures are put in place to make each child's journey with us start and continue smoothly and positively.


Samantha as Deputy Manager creates and maintains a culture of self evaluation and reflective practise throughout the Pre-school. She also supports the Manager to identify training needs; develop training plans and evaluate training undertaken by staff.

Samantha is a key part of the Management team in delivering high-quality childcare and oversees day to day activities, staff planning, child assessment and implementation of the EYFS curriculum enabling children to make individual progress based on their individual needs and skills.

Samantha ensure's that all children attending the Pre-school receive rich and stimulating experiences appropriate to their age and stage of development.

In the absence of the Manager, Samantha as Deputy will undertake the overall day-to-day management of the Pre-school.​ Samantha also has other roles, one being our designated Health & Safety Officer, the health and safety of children is of paramount importance and Sam ensures our setting is a safe and healthy place for children, parents, staff and volunteers.





Michelle joined the Team full-time in 2019 after being one of our bank staff members since 2018.

Michelle has extensive experience of working with children of all ages, having been a professional Nanny for 12 years and working in day nurseries prior to this.  ​

Michelle's expertise for children learning in varied environments has brought a wonderful element to our practice and Michelle works closely with our deputy manager Samantha to prepare children to be 'school ready'  ​She has extensive expertise in children’s development and school preparation. She ensures all of our children are supported in their transition to school and ready for this important milestone.


Michelle in her role as our settings PANCo (The Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator) champions best practice in physical activity and nutrition and acts as the agent for change. She leads positive change to ensure an environment and ethos that supports the health and wellbeing of children, families, and staff.


Michelle is also studying for a Level 4 Advanced Practitioner Diploma, this further qualification will provide professional development opportunities and embrace the wealth of experience and skills that Michelle has and we are so pleased to support her in extending her practice


BTEC National Diploma in Early Years 

Currently Studying:

Advanced Practitioner Level 4

Michelle Henley

Early Years Practitioner

Behaviour Co-ordinator & PANCo

Early Years Practitioner & SENCO

Amber Watson



Level 3 Certificate for the Children and Young peoples Workforce


Currently Studying: 


Advanced Practitioner Level 4

Amber joined our team as an apprentice in 2015. 

She successfully completed her level 2 qualification in Children and Young Peoples Workforce in 2016.

She then went on to complete the Level 3 qualification in December 2018 and has been a consistent valued member of our team throughout her journey to achieving her formal Early Years qualification.

She has been employed at the Pre-school as a qualified Early Years Practitioner sine January 2019. 

Amber has such drive and passion for her role and progression as an Early Years Educator, she is also currently studying for her Level 4 Advanced Practitioner Diploma and we are thrilled to be able to support her through another qualification and watch her flourish further. Amber has proved herself to be highly creative and energetic, bringing a unique sense of adventure and fun in our Pre-School and building strong relationships across all age-groups.

You will find her in our craft corner, making the most imaginative displays and encouraging artistic talents in all of our children. 


Amber is also our settings SENCO, this role  involves observation and assessment of children, supporting staff and liaising with relevant professional agencies that may be involved in a child’s development and implement a support plan with all involved.

Amber sees the best in every child and makes every effort for them to individually flourish here at Kings Worthy Pre-School.


TQUK Caring for Children and Young People - Level 2

Currently Studying:

Level 3 Diploma in Children's and Young People Workforce 

Natalia Sledz

Natalia joined our Bank Staff team in January 2019 after volunteering with us as a parent when her children attended our setting.

She demonstrated brilliant practitioner skills and was keen to embark on a career in this sector and we were thrilled to welcome her to the team. 

In July 2019 Natalia started her Level 3 qualification, and proved herself to be a wonderful practitioner gaining further responsibility with having key children and completing her additional roles as Co Health & Safety Officer & Outdoor Activities Coordinator with fantastic determination and expertise. From November 2020 Natalia has now become a full time member of our team and she is flourishing in her role with increased responsibilities whilst training.

Apprentice Early Years Practitioner 

Outdoor Activities Coordinator & Deputy Health & Safety Officer

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